Ted Eubanks

Massive, Breathtaking Whiteness of Saskatchewan Snowies

All-white male Snowy Owl, 1 Regina, Saskatchewan © Ted Eubanks

“Birds are breathtaking when they are rare. Birds are breathtaking when they are brightly colored. Some birds are breathtaking because they are spectacularly implausible. The Horned Guan, a cloud forest turkey with a red traffic cone glued to its forehead, is implausible. And some birds, like this massive all-white owl with piercing yellow eyes in… Read more

Codrington Lagoon, Antigua, by Ted Eubanks

A travel guide to Antigua for birders and conservationists. Part one of a four-part series.

Brown Noddy, Antigua, by Ted Eubanks

There are reportedly 365 beaches in Antigua, one for each day of the year. Each is seductive, each will tempt you. But head to the offshore islands and tropical forests to find the best birds.

Barbuda is home to the ONLY Antiguan endemic, the Barbuda Warbler, which is found in thorn-scrub forest in the interior of the island.

Magnificent Frigatebird with chick, Antigua, by Ted Eubanks

Stunning images of the birds of Antigua and Barbuda, captured by conservationist and ecotourism specialist Ted Eubanks.

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