Laura Kammermeier

Bird Bound: A Packing List for Birding Travelers

Neil Glenn, Alan Davies, Georgina Head and guide Prossie combing wetland birds at Kaku Wetland. © Laura Kammermeier

Many of you may know Marci Madsen Fuller, the former event organizer of the popular Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. Marci has always been an avid traveler and she used to maintain a website called BirdBound. Ever since I saw this list on Marci's website, I refer to it in the last panic-stricken moments before every major bird trip. It gives me peace of mind. We republish it here, with her permission.

Like most, I've carried a rucksack of dreams as I've trekked through life. I’ve had to rearrange things in my bag a few times; remove a few pipe dreams, shelve some I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill, and reorganize those important enough to keep. I’m now scaling the peak of my fifth decade. I hope… Read more »

Laura Kammermeier sits down with Nate Swick, the host of the new American Birding Association blog, to discuss nature and birding travel.

Uganda: A Fantastic 14-day Birding and Wildlife Tour

Where else can a search for 1,061 bird species be combined with an hour observing mountain gorillas, a morning tracking chimpanzees, an afternoon with hippos and Nile crocodiles as you cruise down the Victorian Nile, and a safari tour to see the incredible megafauna associated with the East African savannah? Where else can a ‘Jurassically’ tall gray stork, with a massive bill, send you a death stare from beyond a sea of papyrus? And where can your search for great apes be magnified by a herd of wild forest elephants, or topped off with crippling views of one of Africa's rarest skulking birds, the Green-breasted Pitta?

Finally we saw a stationary boat in the distance. We motored slowly to meet up with them and as we slid into the slip a shadowy grey figure, whose vision was hindered by scintillant green reeds, came into view. OH MY GOD.

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Ecologically, vultures, who are known as nature's clean-up crew, are a vitally important group of birds that face a range of threats in areas around the world. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing outright extinction.

A Map Every Traveling Birder Must See: IBAs in Danger

Wouldn't it be better, as nature travelers, if we carried at least rudimentary knowledge of the globe's threatened habitats?

Bernie Master NFL

by Bernard F. Master No Finish Line: Discovering the World's Secrets One Bird At A Time is an absorbing memoir composed by world birder, conservationist, Viet Nam vet, and pioneering businessman Dr. Bernard Master. Bernie, as he's known to friends, has traveled the world, observed three-quarters of the world's bird species, and left an indelible… Read more »

Cuba: The Forbidden Fruit of the Caribbean

You may revel in Cuba's titillating naughtiness, but if you’re a traveler, and not just a tourist, your mind will also contemplate much bigger ideas.

UPCOMING TOUR: A Birding Extravaganza in Taiwan!

Check out this great Asian birding tour opportunity from Birding Ecotours. Owner Chris Lotz is a long-time contributor to NTN and is offering a discount to NTN readers for this last-minute travel opportunity. 12 days starting April 30, 2016 US$3884 per person sharing Taiwan not only has great avifauna but also a host of other winning… Read more »

Quality binoculars are expensive, and if you want to enjoy the exceptional quality of premium birding binoculars from the “big three” (Leica, Swarovski, and Zeiss), you typically have to dig deep into your wallet. The high price can be attributed to the binoculars’ exceptional components, superior craftsmanship by highly skilled workers in their respective German and… Read more »

The Champions of the Flyway exists to protect the Mediterranean flyways from illegal trapping and killing. Bird watchers are the sentinels of extinction for the avian world. We simply MUST lead the way to champion this cause.

January 1, 2016 New York, USA. Nature Travel Network (NTN) recently launched a new platform for its international travel website at Completely re-designed from the ground up, the new website (NTN 2.0) invites visitors to browse through its network of featured destinations in order to dream, plan and explore nature travel opportunities. NTN features… Read more »

What is the BEST Field Guide for Each Country?

Birder with Field Guide, by Laura Kammermeier

The guides at Birding Ecotours have put together a list of top field guides for countries on every continent. This list is a great place to start your bird research in advance of your next trip.

Join us for an endemic-filled CUBA BIRDING TOUR in 2016

The resplendant Vinales Valley © Arturo Kirkconnell.

I had the great fortune of meeting Arturo Kirkconnell, Cuba's leading bird expert, in early 2015 when he gave a talk to my local bird club. Arturo's infectious energy and incredible photos (like the one below) blew me away. This incredible destination and its 26 endemics are waiting to be explored. Join me for this guided birding tour of… Read more »

Birders Discover African Grail Bird:The Congo Peafowl


A hundred years ago the Con(though it was known to the Congolese as a source of food and ceremonial headdress). About 80 years ago, the bird was first described in the ornithological record, but that description did not come from an actual sighting, it came from two mislabeled specimens that American ornithologist James Chapin had… Read more »

Review of The Lodge At Pico Bonito, La Cieba, Honduras

The Lodge at Pico Bonito is a naturalist’s dream. Located deep in the tropical rainforest just outside of La Cieba, Honduras, Pico Bonito is surrounded by a remarkable variety of wildlife – every step on this wonderful property a veritable jungle safari.

Book Review: Birds of Peru: Revised and Updated Edition

It’s not a surprise that every birder on our recent trip to Peru had their own copy of Birds of Peru by Princeton University Press; this is simply the best field guide for this bird-rich country.

Five Easy Family Hikes in the Adirondacks (New York)

Summer begs for high Adirondack peaks with stunning mountaintop views. While the 46 Adirondack High Peaks aren’t for everyone, there are plenty of smaller peaks that approximate high-peaks rapture with less effort.