Laura Kammermeier

Review of The Lodge At Pico Bonito, La Cieba, Honduras

The Lodge at Pico Bonito is a naturalist’s dream. Located deep in the tropical rainforest just outside of La Cieba, Honduras, Pico Bonito is surrounded by a remarkable variety of wildlife – every step on this wonderful property a veritable jungle safari.

Book Review: Birds of Peru: Revised and Updated Edition

It’s not a surprise that every birder on our recent trip to Peru had their own copy of Birds of Peru by Princeton University Press; this is simply the best field guide for this bird-rich country.

Five Easy Family Hikes in the Adirondacks (New York)

Summer begs for high Adirondack peaks with stunning mountaintop views. While the 46 Adirondack High Peaks aren’t for everyone, there are plenty of smaller peaks that approximate high-peaks rapture with less effort.

What a week! I just rolled into the driveway from four nights away at The Biggest Week in American Birding (TBW, for short), wishing I had just one more day in western Ohio to wander outdoors, with friends, looking for birds. That's the essence of this event..people wandering outdoors, with friends, looking for birds. The Biggest Week is a… Read more »

REVIEW: PhoneSkope Introduces Remote Shutter Device

The PhoneSkope Bluetooth Remote is a valuable device that controls shake and should be used by anyone who uses the PhoneSkope adapter.

We Took a One-Night ZOOcation!

Our family made a one-night get away to the heart of Ohio to experience the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. Here's what we thought.

I could not believe my luck – I literally rolled out of bed, down the street, and into a Wallcreeper!

A nature-loving mom takes her gamer son down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to blend beaches and bird watching.

Quirky: A List of Don’ts for Women on Bicycles

sponsored In the late 19th Century a woman with a bicycle no longer had to depend on a man for transportation. More and more women came to regard the cycle as a ‘freedom machine’. However, it wasn’t the smoothest of rides. In 1895, members of the Unique Cycling Club of Chicago publicly disciplined two of… Read more »

Bee Eater by Gaurav Mittal (freelance photographer at

Far away, in a distant land cloaked with crimson poppies and fields of golden barley, a group of 30 birders from around the globe convened to watch birds, nosh wiener schnitzel, hoist bier mugs, shoo donkeys, and dance on tables. Oh, and we field tested the ZEISS Victory SFs (see preview here).  Impressions from our trip can be… Read more »

The ZEISS Victory SFs are a superb binocular made especially for bird watching and nature observation. One clever feature makes them a joy to hold in the hand.

On a warm spring day, amidst the chatter of backyard birds, we enjoyed lunch and then sat down to talk about how Jon and Yoav went from Champions of Flyway organizers to Cape May County Award winners.

Hawkwatchers from all over the country attended the celebratory 40th Anniversary Conference for HMANA, and the intensity and excitement among the participants was palpable.

INTERVIEW: Brett Ewald, HMANA Hawk Counter and Tour Leader

Brett Ewald, tour leader and raptor specialist, sat down with NTN for a few minutes to discuss his long history with HMANA.

Cool series of a Caspian Tern diving into Lake Ontario after a fish. Watch what happens when he drops it.

After his keynote address at HMANA, Keith sat down with NTN to describe what we've learned about raptor migration by studying both individuals and populations, especially through the use of satellite tracking devices. We also discuss current threats to world vulture populations, and the calamitous effects they may have.

Interview: Luke Tiller on Hawk Movements at Braddock Bay, NY

Few people know more than Luke Tiller about the hawk movements across the Rochester area. In this 5-minute interview, he tells us what kind of wind patterns help deliver impressive hawk movements through this area, and tells us how this hawk migration season is developing.

5 Great Places to Go Birdwatching in Extremadura

My last post, “Birding Extremadura: It has always been Spain,” described what a great experience can be had while birding this beautiful and “birdy” region of Spain.  Now let’s focus on its spring birding. We covered multiple sites per day over the course of nine days, which gave us a generous overview of the variety… Read more »

A Moment of Zen: Egyptian Vulture in 82 Frames

You've got to sit back and enjoy all 82 frames of this magnificent Egyptian Vulture.

Interview: Richard Crossley Says FORGET BIRD ID! What?

Crossley ID Guides - 2-Golden-Eagle

Richard is not just some guy trying to sell a field guide, he's a complex thinker full of cantankerous observations, out-of-the-box theories, new projects, and solid visions for how birds can be the hook that brings millions of people to the joy, passion, and fun of birding (while scoring plus one for conservation). Plus he's just plain fun to talk to.