Belarus – Europe’s Secret Wildlife Wilderness

Azure Tit ©Barry Cooper

Some countries that are great for wildlife go under the radar of all but the most enthusiastic wildlife watchers – Belarus is one of those countries. Nestled between Poland and Russia it has some of Europe’s most fascinating wildlife including Eurasian Lynx, Grey Wolf, Brown Bear, and a range of birdlife including the delightful Azure Tit.


Horned Puffins at Alaska Maritime NWR /USFWS

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Our Perfect Birding Year by Alan Davies and Ruth Miller

Male Great Bustard displaying

In 2008 Alan Davies and Ruth Miller set a new record for the highest number of bird species recorded in a single year. Now they discuss their perfect birding year.

Montagu´s Harrier by JM Sayago

With some 150 species sighted throughout the year, the Odiel Marshes are among Spain’s best-kept birding secrets.

The Magical Interplay of Birds and Light in the Hula Valley

Black Storks at Hula Valley by Thomas Krumenack

Small groups of Common Cranes dip in and out of the fog; more and more of these majestic birds rise from the water and pass low overhead, some so close that droplets of water tap lightly around us.

Nome, Alaska Birdwatching: There’s No Place Like Nome!

Bar-tailed-Godwit1 by Forrest Davis.

In Nome we find the remnants of an old mining boom town but here our major interest is in the huge number and diversity of birds that fly to Nome during the Spring to breed. Many of them, such as the Arctic and Aleutian Terns, fly thousands of miles round trip in order to nest in the high tundra surrounding Nome.

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