Wilson's Snipe courtesy of Erik Bruhnke

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Horned Puffins at Alaska Maritime NWR /USFWS

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Snowy Owl 11 © Melissa Groo

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Moose Bog: Boreal Specialities in Lowland Vermont


At Moose Bog an observant non-bushwhacker can locate the boreal grand slam: Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, Gray Jay, and Boreal Chickadee.

Adirondack Birding Festival (New York)


June is birding month in the Adirondacks. And the annual Hamilton County Birding Festival kicks off in mid June to celebrate the more than 100 special breeders in the park.  Held at special habitats near the towns of Speculator, Lake Pleasant, Piseco and Morehouse, Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake, Long Lake, Raquette Lake and Inlet… Read more

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