Singing Pink-headed Warbler

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Pink-headed Warbler vocalizing

At one time Central America was mostly underwater, with the peaks of volcanoes creating islands where most of today’s regional endemics evolved. The chain of mountains that formed after the waters receded has long been a hotbed of endemism and has drawn many a birder to tour this region.

A Perfect Birding Year by Chris Lotz

Malaysian Banded Pitta

Each month is peak birding season somewhere on our planet. Chris Lotz reveals how he'd make 2015 a perfect birding year - if he didn't have to do office work!

Trip Report: Birding Guatemala, March 2013

Fulvous Owl © Mike Nelson

Trip report for Guatemala, March, 2013. Mike Nelson and Eduardo Orameche, Birding Ecotours.

Birding In Guatemala: An Overview

Pink-headed Warbler © Mike Nelson

Laying within Tikal National Park are the remnants of one of the largest and greatest central American civilizations, the Mayas. Here their temples heave towards the sky and penetrate above the forest that now encapsulates them, which makes for a mysterious birding setting where parrots, toucans and oropendolas chatter amongst towering temples and an ancient buildings.