VIDEO: Desert Tawny Owl, Strix hadorami

Desert Tawny Owl by Yuval Dax (Isreal)

Exclusive footage of the rare and elusive Desert Tawny Owl in Israel.


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Israel: Eilat Birding Festival

Eilat Festival

Editor’s Note: I attended the 6th Annual Eilat Birding Festival in 2012. This was a mind-blowing exploration of the birds and scenery of Israel, shrouded in profound cultural history, and I was impressed with the professionalism of the Israel Ornithological Center guides. That 2012 season is considered to be the biggest migration season in recent years.  Organized… Read more

Israel: My Biggest Dip, The Barbary Falcon


  My first nighttime field trip during the Eilat Birding Festival was titled the “Rambo Tour.” Yes, the RAMBO TOUR. Fists clenched, chin wag, and guttural groan. The idea behind the RAMBO TOUR (grrrr) is that a self-selected group of hard-core birders would spend most of the night driving deep into the desert to find the Nubian… Read more

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