Highlights of Estonia

European Brown Bear Alutaguse Forest, Estonia ©Neil Glenn

Estonia is a dream destination for those who like their countries sparsely populated, safe, friendly, ‘wired’ and full of wildlife.

Join contributor Ed Hutchings as he explores the wilds of New York State and uncovers some of our favorite nooks


Estonia_Pine_forest_in_Estonia WIkiCommons

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Spring Hawk-watching: Best of the U.S.

Red-shouldered Hawk

Many birders don’t realize that prime hawk-watching sites span the length and breadth of the country from frigid Alaska to the tropical reaches of Texas and Florida.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon

White Pelicans at Malheur NWR by Barbara Wheeler

This refuge in the high desert of southeast Oregon hosts more than 320 bird species — one of Oregon’s highest single-location lists — attracted by its location on the Pacific Flyway and its abundant water and food.

Be sure to take along this handy 2-page hawk-watching guide next time you visit one of the Northeastern U.S.’s best hawk-watching sites.

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