The blogging team scoured the road that leads to the top of Mt. Lemmon in search of Painted Redstarts, vireos, Arizona Woodpecker, and more. © lkamms

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Painted Redstart by Mike Watson

A cooperative Amazon Kingfisher - an ABA Code 5 rarity - helped make the 20th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival one of the all-time best birding events.

Birding Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Whooping Cranes at Aransas NWR by Steve Hillebrand

When you say Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, most birders think of Whooping Cranes. But the refuge offers much more.

Arizona Mexican Spotted Owl. © lkamms

Last August (2012) I was part of a team of U.S. bird bloggers who gathered in southeast Arizona to find birds, talk about blogging, and to test out the new Swarovski ATX, a modular scope—the first of its kind—whose component parts will suit just about every situation you'll encounter in in the field. More on… Read more »