Hannah Madden and Lisa Sorenson begin the long hike into the crater of The Quill. Statia, Lesser Antilles, by Steve Shunk.

Old wooden signs point the way. They may not be as old as they look, but here, on the windward side of the Caribbean, tropical storms take their tolls—on signs, buildings, cars, and anything else that sits out in the rain. These signs to the trailhead simply say “Quill” in elegant cursive scrolled with weathered black… Read more »

Target Birds of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Nightjar Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000Puerto Rican Nightjar Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000

Puerto Rico has 349 species of birds, approximately 120 of which are resident breeders. There are 18 endemic species, many accidentals, and 42 known introductions. Puerto Rican avifauna, as a group, has received more attention from the conservation community than other faunal groups. According to the IUCN Red Data List, 14 of the endemic bird… Read more »


West End Pond, Anguilla

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Woodpecker courtesy of Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000Puerto Rican Woodpecker Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000

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Barbuda is home to the ONLY Antiguan endemic, the Barbuda Warbler, which is found in thorn-scrub forest in the interior of the island.

Magnificent Frigatebird with chick, Antigua, by Ted Eubanks

Stunning images of the birds of Antigua and Barbuda, captured by conservationist and ecotourism specialist Ted Eubanks.