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Trip Report: An 11-Day Birding Tour in Tanzania

Sign reading "You are now entering Tanzania"

We had an amazing time and the whole trip went flawlessly. We would recommend Nature’s Wonderland Safaris and Joseph Mwangi without reservation. We ended up with a list of 316 birds and saw an amazing amount of wildlife.

Omani Owl Expedition Seeks Newly Discovered Species

Omani Owl by Arnoud van den Berg

Fresh from Oman, Mike Watson recounts the successful Birdquest Omani Owl Expedition, which took place last week.

Study Guide: Pied Wheatear

Pied Wheatear, male

Pied Wheatear – Oenanthe pleschanka Similar to Black-eared Wheatear but the black facial area connects to the black wings and the back is entirely black. Pied Wheatears have a rather distinct tail pattern with an uneven black terminal band that extends farther up the outer part of the tail than the center. Sometimes the Pied is… Read more

Birding Israel: A Study Guide to Wheatears

White-crowned Black Wheatear – Oenanthe leucopyga

Wheatears are a fascinating group of Passerines of open landscapes, deserts and steppe-like terrain and happen to be my favorite group of desert birds. Israel’s wide variety of arid landscapes and desert habitats make it a favorite place for Wheatears, and therefore a primary place to begin your understanding of them.

Quiz Yourself: Wheatears of Israel

Test your knowledge of desert wheatears with the following quiz.

Answers to Wheatears of Israel Study Quiz

Pied Female Kurdish Male Kurdish Female White-crowned Black Juvenile Mourning Male Hooded Female White-crowned Black Male Desert Male Desert Female Finsch’s Male Cyprus Male Pied Male Isabelline Juvenile Isabelline Male Finsch’s Female Hooded Male Eastern Black-eared Northern Wheatear Basalt… Read more

Study Guide: Cyprus (Pied) Wheatear

Cyprus (Pied) Wheatear – Oenanthe cypriaca

Cyprus Wheatears are closely related and very similar in plumage to Pied Wheatears. Most Cyprus Wheatears are darker on average and creamier buff below.

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