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Snowy Owl 11 © Melissa Groo

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Greater Prairie Chicken on lek

The displays and “dances” performed by some grouse and prairie-chickens in North America are unique – and Colorado is the best place to see them.

Four Birding Hotspots in North-central Washington

Snow Bunting © John Puschock.

Is the Pacific NW on your bucket list yet? With Great Gray and Snowy Owls, buntings, larks, and crossbills, it should be. Guest writer John Puschock gives advice for tackling the four main birding areas in north-central Washington: Waterville Plateau, Cameron Lake Road, Okanogan Highlands, and Conconully.

Thousands of Streaked Shearwaters swing around the side of our ship and disappear over the bow. A lull in activity reminds us of the cold but then we notice a small group of black baubles floating off the starboard side. Lifting my binoculars I see a pigeon-shaped creature with orange markings around the face and a little tuft of white feathers in front of the forehead. A rather strange-looking creature – a Rhinoceros Auklet!