Review: Toft’s National Birds of the World

Toft's National Birds of the World

Both a comprehensive listing and guide book, National BIrds provides a range of information from species data to how these birds have been used and abused through the ages. It recounts tales of how they came to be adopted and presents a wide range of official and cultural contexts where they appear from feathers in tribal costumes to stamps and currency.


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Singing Pink-headed Warbler

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Pink-headed Warbler vocalizing

At one time Central America was mostly underwater, with the peaks of volcanoes creating islands where most of today’s regional endemics evolved. The chain of mountains that formed after the waters receded has long been a hotbed of endemism and has drawn many a birder to tour this region.

Trip Report: Birding Guatemala, March 2013

Fulvous Owl © Mike Nelson

Trip report for Guatemala, March, 2013. Mike Nelson and Eduardo Orameche, Birding Ecotours.

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