St. Paul Island, Alaska: Shorebird Capital of the World?

Rock Sandpiper ©Stephan Lorenz

In terms of sheer diversity, the shorebirds take the crown on St. Paul with an incredible 64 species recorded on the island within the past three decades. Only four shorebirds nest, whereas the remaining 60 species are either regular spring or fall migrants, rare visitors, or exceptional rarities with only one or two occurrences.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Woodpecker courtesy of Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000Puerto Rican Woodpecker Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000

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Birding Chile: Birders At Large in the Atacama

Chilean Woodstar - photo by Keith Betton

Keith Betton and friends travel around Arica, between the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean, in search of the endangered Chilean Hillstar and other star birds. A vagrant Curlew Sandpiper (second on record for Chile) also makes appearances.

American Dipper by Harry Fuller

Expert guide Harry Fuller provides pointers for anyone about to go birdwatching in the Pacific Coast states of California, Oregon, Washington.

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