Have a Gander at Uganda

Shoebill by Brian Zwiebel

If you haven’t experienced a wildlife trip to Africa, then Uganda has most things you could wish for. Just be prepared to have your senses overwhelmed.

Uganda: A Fantastic 14-day Birding and Wildlife Tour

Where else can a search for 1,061 bird species be combined with an hour observing mountain gorillas, a morning tracking chimpanzees, an afternoon with hippos and Nile crocodiles as you cruise down the Victorian Nile, and a safari tour to see the incredible megafauna associated with the East African savannah? Where else can a ‘Jurassically’ tall gray stork, with a massive bill, send you a death stare from beyond a sea of papyrus? And where can your search for great apes be magnified by a herd of wild forest elephants, or topped off with crippling views of one of Africa's rarest skulking birds, the Green-breasted Pitta?

Finally we saw a stationary boat in the distance. We motored slowly to meet up with them and as we slid into the slip a shadowy grey figure, whose vision was hindered by scintillant green reeds, came into view. OH MY GOD.


Shoebill by Niall Perrins on a Birding Ecotours Uganda trip

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Gorilla (Silverback)

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Birding Zambia: An Introduction

Zambia - birds in flight

Situated in the heart of south-central Africa, the country of Zambia is one of the region’s prime wildlife destinations.

A Perfect Birding Year by Chris Lotz

Malaysian Banded Pitta

Each month is peak birding season somewhere on our planet. Chris Lotz reveals how he'd make 2015 a perfect birding year - if he didn't have to do office work!

Birder with bins

For many world birding enthusiasts, it is too pricey and time-consuming to see even 70% of the planet’s birds. What do you do if you are one of them?

Africa: Top Ten Destinations for Bird Watching

Pell's Fishing Owl (photo courtesy of Birding Ecotours © Mike Nelson)

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African Birds & Wildlife Photo Gallery

Cheetah in Namibia (Photo by Martin Benadie)

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Africa’s Top 10 Birds and Where To See Them

Pell's Fishing Owl (photo courtesy of Birding Ecotours © Mike Nelson)

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