Male American Redstart

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United Kingdom

Pied Flycatcher © The Biggest Twitch

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North America

Male Magnolia Warbler with fanned tail

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Pacific Loon © Brian Zwiebel

Barrow, Alaska is a remote but premier bird photography destination. Here’s what you need to know to make your trip worth it.

Four Birding Hotspots in North-central Washington

Snow Bunting © John Puschock.

Is the Pacific NW on your bucket list yet? With Great Gray and Snowy Owls, buntings, larks, and crossbills, it should be. Guest writer John Puschock gives advice for tackling the four main birding areas in north-central Washington: Waterville Plateau, Cameron Lake Road, Okanogan Highlands, and Conconully.

Why Go Birding in Alaska’s Dutch Harbor?

Dutch Harbor, Alaska. (© Marianne Phillips)

The Whiskered Auklet is a smashing bird located in a very narrow range along the Aleutian Islands and a bit off the coast of Siberia. Named after those two peculiar whiskers protruding from its face, little is known about the species but the birds are often seen either feeding on fish as they concentrate in near-shore areas or sitting on a single egg atop a rocky crevice. Its remote and limited range makes it sought by serious birdwatchers.

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