Hokkaido in Winter

Red-crowned Cranes ©Barrie Cooper

Hokkaido is one of the top birding destinations in Japan and, indeed, throughout Asia. It is the northern most of Japan’s three main islands.

Highlights of Estonia

European Brown Bear Alutaguse Forest, Estonia ©Neil Glenn

Estonia is a dream destination for those who like their countries sparsely populated, safe, friendly, ‘wired’ and full of wildlife.

Belarus – Europe’s Secret Wildlife Wilderness

Azure Tit ©Barry Cooper

Some countries that are great for wildlife go under the radar of all but the most enthusiastic wildlife watchers – Belarus is one of those countries. Nestled between Poland and Russia it has some of Europe’s most fascinating wildlife including Eurasian Lynx, Grey Wolf, Brown Bear, and a range of birdlife including the delightful Azure Tit.


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Estonia_Pine_forest_in_Estonia WIkiCommons

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Spring Hawk-watching: Best of the U.S.

Red-shouldered Hawk

Many birders don’t realize that prime hawk-watching sites span the length and breadth of the country from frigid Alaska to the tropical reaches of Texas and Florida.

Gambell, Alaska: A Birding Mecca on the Siberian Express

Common Greenshank courtesy of Forrest Davis.

Gambell, Alaska is a Siberian Yupik community that lies about 40 miles off of Siberia in the Bering Sea. It is strategically located for birders to take advantage of the “Siberian Express:” the migration flyway for birds returning from southern Asia and the South Pacific to their breeding grounds in the far northern tundra.

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