Green Jay atLaguna Atascosa NWR

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Painted Redstart by Mike Watson

A cooperative Amazon Kingfisher – an ABA Code 5 rarity – helped make the 20th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival one of the all-time best birding events.

Birding Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Green Jay atLaguna Atascosa NWR

Laguna Atascosa Refuge occupies one of North America’s most biologically diverse regions and sees an impressive 417 species of birds — a number that represents nearly half the total for the continent as a whole.

Trip Report: Birding Guatemala, March 2013

Fulvous Owl © Mike Nelson

Trip report for Guatemala, March, 2013. Mike Nelson and Eduardo Orameche, Birding Ecotours.

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