Male American Redstart

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Woodpecker courtesy of Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000Puerto Rican Woodpecker Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000

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Painted Redstart by Mike Watson

A cooperative Amazon Kingfisher - an ABA Code 5 rarity - helped make the 20th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival one of the all-time best birding events.

The Legendary Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival Coming Soon!

Altamira Oriole (© Richard Crossley)

This year, the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival celebrates its 20th year, and takes place in Harlingen, Texas from November 6 – 10th. “You REALLY ought to get the Rio Grande Valley Birding festival, Laura,” said a friend of mine years ago. “It’s one of the biggest festivals of the year, it attracts great people… Read more »

The Wild Shore Takes Flight (Eastern Shore, VA)

Serious birdwatchers know that the east coast is a great place to be each fall as millions of songbirds, raptors, shorebirds, and waterfowl fly south for the winter along the Mid-Atlantic flyway. Birders can get acquainted with it all during the Eastern Shore of Virginia Birding & Wildlife Festival, held each September.