Breaking: New Species of Owl Found in Oman!

Members of a sound recording team called The Sound Approach were recording in the Al Hajar Mountains of Oman this past March. They heard, and their instruments picked up, an odd, three-parted rhythm.

The Omani Owl taken by Arnoud van den Berg & The Sound Approach.

The Omani Owl taken by Arnoud van den Berg & The Sound Approach.

“I heard it clearly, despite having to listen through a constant fluttering of Egyptian Fruit-eating Bats and a galaxy of crickets. The owl sounded like it was a long way off, and its three-part rhythm made me think of a Strix, but a very deep one, like a Ural Owl or deeper. It sounded not even remotely similar to a Hume’s Owl, Arabian Spotted Eagle Owl, Pallid Scops Owl or anything else that is known to occur in Oman.”

Further recording and study over the course of the summer, which eventually landed them a priceless photograph, resulted in a paper in Dutch Birding, which was released today.

For recordings, photos, and a Diary of Events about this massive find, head on over to The Sound Approach Website here:


Members of the team include Mark Constantine, and Magnus RoBb, and Arnoud Van Den Berg. René Pop was present during the sighting as well.

The funny thing, the team was recording sounds for a book they are working on called “Undiscovered Owls.”

Keep listening!

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