The Champions of the Flyway exists to protect the Mediterranean flyways from illegal trapping and killing. Bird watchers are the sentinels of extinction for the avian world. We simply MUST lead the way to champion this cause.

Northern Wheatear male. © Jonathan Meyrav

As we previously reported, a new international bird race took place in Eilat, Israel this year – the Champions of the Flyway International Bird Race for Conservation. Here is a fantastic video of the Champions of the Flyway event. It does a great job of portraying the fun, urgency, and epic birding that Israel provides.

The forest at Bosque Pomac is even more parched than at Laquipampa, but it is home to endemics like the Peruvian Plantcutter. Photo by Alfredo Fernandez.

Days 1 and 2 of the World Birding Rally took us into tropical forest, in nearly full sun beneath the thin shade of dusty trees and cacti. It was a stark introduction to the unique Tumbesian region, where an unusual climate has helped create a birder’s wish list of endemic species.

The Champions of the Flyway – Racing for Conservation

14 teams of top birders from 10 nations stepped up and registered for the first ever Champions of the Flyway race. Now the results are in.

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