Tinkerbird-Red-fronted. Photographed at Lalibela,-Ethiopia.

Adam Riley has grown up with a lifelong interest in wildlife, which evolved into a particular fascination with birds. Raised in a rural region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Adam qualified as a Chartered Accountant but in 1998 his career path took an alternative route when he founded Rockjumper Birding Tours with his friend Jonathan Rossouw. Since 2000 Adam has been the sole owner and managing director of Rockjumper and has also founded ORYX – Worldwide Photographic Safaris (2010) and ORYX – Worldwide Wildlife Safaris (2014). Adam has traveled extensively to all 7 continents, leading tours to numerous countries ranging from Colombia to Egypt, Angola to Papua New Guinea and Antarctica to Alaska. Adam is one of Africa’s most experienced birders, having seen over 2,000 species on the continent as well as 7,000 species worldwide.

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Title: Tour Leader

Organization: Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Tours

Contact: Email

Website: http://www.rockjumperbirding.com/

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