Dr. Bernie Master (Bernie) is a world birder, conservationist, Viet Nam vet, and pioneering businessman who has traveled the world, observed three-quarters of the world’s bird species, and left an indelible footprint on conservation.

Trained as a family practitioner and combat physician, after the war Bernie had a long, distinguished career as a health care professional and entrepreneur serving the inner-city and elderly populations in Columbus, Ohio. He was the founder, Chairman and CEO of Health Power, Inc., a health-care company, and is credited with the development of a highly effective health care system throughout the state of Ohio. Bernie pioneered the first managed-care company in the country serving Columbus and Dayton’s Medicaid patients. He was honored with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award by the Columbus Education Association in 1995.

Bernie is an internationally recognized conservationist and has a life list in excess of 7,800 birds. He is the first American to see a representative of every bird family in the world. He was honored by HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands for his contribution to conservation. A previously unrecorded song bird in Colombia, Vireo masteri, the Choco Vireo, is named for his family and the discovery published in IBIS, October, 1996.

Bernie also served as an advisor to the Ohio State University Wetlands Park, an appointed board member of The Columbus Zoo and a member of Florida Gulf Coast University Everglades Restoration Advisory Board. He served as a Governor of BirdLife International in Cambridge, England and a former Vice-Chairman of The Ohio Nature Conservancy for 11 years.

Bernie is married to Susan, and has three children and six grandchildren.

Bernie published his compelling memoir, No Finish Line: Discovering the World’s Secrets One Bird At A Time in 2015 and we are pleased that Bernie has chosen to share that volume in its entirety on Nature Travel Network. Read on for a compelling story of a life well lived, with birds as the focal point.

Start with Chapter One: The Beginning.

Bernard Master


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