Chris Lotz at southernmost point of Africa

Chris is the founder of Birding Ecotours and since childhood has been an incredibly enthusiastic birder. He particularly loves tracking down owls, but other favorite birds of his are falcons, harriers, pittas and, well, all of them! His passion for birding is completely unstoppable. Chris obtained a doctorate on African sunbirds, has taught university zoology, and did a 2.5 year post-doctoral research stint on hummingbirds at the University of Wyoming.

For the last 10 years he has kept busy guiding and scouting for Birding Ecotours, which provides tours to a host of diverse birding destinations in Asia, the Americas and especially across the vast African continent.

Chris has a burning passion for bird conservation and does voluntary work for Birdlife South Africa and other conservation organizations. He has published several research papers but he eventually discovered that endeavor gets in the way of birding so he tries to keep it to a minimum these days.

Chris lives with his wonderful wife Megan in Johannesburg, South Africa. To read more about Chris and the destinations covered by his guiding team, visit the Birding Ecotours website.

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Title: Trip Leader

Organization: Birding Ecotours

Contact: Email


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