Dorian Anderson started birding in Philadelphia at age eight. He spent his youth birding the Delaware Valley and Jersey Shore, and traveled to Maine, Arizona, Washington, and Texas for birding by the time he was 16. Birding took a big backseat to his education through his twenties as he obtained his B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Stanford and his Ph.D. in Developmental Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology from NYU before accepting a postdoctoral position at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Tiring of the academic rat race, Anderson in 2014 resigned his postdoctoral position, bought a bicycle, and, in the next year, pedaled it 18,000 miles around the lower 48 states on the first ever nationwide bicycle “Big Year”. During that 365-day effort, he found a record 618 bird species without the use of petroleum. Since that time he has been working on a book about his bike-birding adventure, speaking publicly about that journey, building his own bird photography brand, and traveling and blogging about birding around the world. Dorian and his wife currently live in San Mateo, California. His birding and bird photography blog, The Speckled Hatchback, can be found at and his photography can be viewed at

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