Sam Woods has been a professional bird tour leader for Tropical Birding Tours for more than ten years; in that time he has led tours on five continents, and visited all seven. Sam was reared on the streets of London, where a chance encounter with a pair of tits (Blue and Great Tits) in a Royal park changed his life; at age 11 he turned to birds and never looked back. He spent his misspent youth, and an embarrassingly long stretch of his adult too, chasing birds all over the British Isles, being an unapologetic “twitcher”. He moved into world birding with early trips to Israel, Ecuador to study hummingbirds, and Madagascar to study lemurs; and Nepal to step foot into the hallowed Himalayas. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science, he became a “birding bum”; working job-to-job, to ensure a getaway each year with his binoculars and a different field guide, once the winter gloom set in. Sam’s obsession led him to become a full time bird guide in 2005, since when he has been residing in the Andes of Ecuador. However, each year he guides trips to varied destinations; from Ecuador to Costa Rica; from China to Borneo; and Papua New Guinea to Australia; he feels most at home, when he is not at home.

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Title: Trip Leader

Organization: Tropical Birding

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