Steve Shunk is a contributing editor for Nature Travel Network. Steve started traveling early, with family Amtrak rides, summer beach houses, and extended car-camping. After a suburban childhood in four different states, Steve forged his independence in the San Francisco Bay Area. His family history with outdoor pursuits kindled a passion for nature, and Steve studied Meteorology and Environmental Studies at San Jose State University—with a part-time job as an outdoor science teacher. On a fateful day in 1989, a friend and colleague—who happened to be a birder—handed Steve a pair of binoculars, and said, “Here, try this. I think you’ll like it.” Within two years, Steve was teaching birding classes, and shortly thereafter, he took his first volunteer field job, monitoring colonial water birds for the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory.

In 1997, Steve escaped to central Oregon. There, nestled in the shadow of the Cascade volcanic skyline, he had found his new home. Dedicated to sharing his enthusiasm for birds, nature, and conservation, Steve founded the Paradise Birding tour company, and today he takes nature lovers to four different continents. Steve’s writing and public speaking careers also blossomed in the understory of his guiding business, leading to hundreds of freelance articles in various newspapers and periodicals. Steve recently completed the Peterson Reference Guide to Woodpeckers of North America, and he has delivered nature presentations to dozens of North American and international audiences.

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