Ted Lee Eubanks, currently residing in Austin, Texas, received a BA in Journalism from the University of Houston in 1978, and since 1984 has been involved in the founding and development of a series of businesses. He is a writer, a photographer, an interpreter, a planner, and a noted public speaker. Eubanks founded Fermata in 1992. Since that time he has been engaged in studying and promoting experiential tourism and outdoor recreation as sustainable approaches to community revitalization. He specializes in using the interpretive arts to connect people to places, the masses to messages, and markets to merchandise.

Eubanks is responsible for the follow innovations in the fields of interpretation and citizen science:

  • Eubanks conceptualized and implemented the first birding trail in the world, the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. This prototype has now been replicated in hundreds of communities, regions, states, and nations.
  • Eubanks devised the word “avitourism” in a 1993 paper on High Island to describe tourism related to birding. The word is now in usage around the world.
  • While serving on the board of directors of the National Audubon Society, Eubanks devised a method for using the internet as a way to gather citizen science data about birds. That initial prototype became Audubon’s BirdSource, and those eventually morphed into Audubon and Cornell’s eBird.
  • Eubanks’ article on “bare-naked birding” in Birding (the magazine of the American Birding Association) has been adopted by a number of organizations and interpreters around the country. Bare-naked birding shuns the use of binoculars and field guides, and helps people develop an innate feel for the natural world around them.

Ted Lee Eubanks


Title: Writer, Photographer, Interpreter, Planner, and Public Speaker

Organization: Fermata

Contact: Email

Website: http://www.fermatainc.com/

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