GALLERY: The Coolest Birds of Ghana

Ghana has recently emerged as the easiest place to see Congo Basin and Upper Guinea species in the southwestern rainforests, plus a largely separate set of Guinea Savannah specialty birds in the drier north and east. Although these biomes cover huge parts of Africa, they are largely inaccessible due to insecurity or poor infrastructure.  But the thing that has really made Ghana a must-visit destination is the discovery that White-necked Rockfowl (Picathartes) and Egyptian Plover can reliably and easily be found here. High diversity of species that are difficult to see elsewhere, and two marquee species that rank among the continent’s best, all accessed via decent infrastructure and in a safe and friendly country, have proved a highly attractive combination in recent years. Even for travelers who have made many trips to eastern and southern Africa, Ghana offers something completely different, in terms of birds, mammals, and the colorful local cultures.

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Ken Behrens

Ken is a photographer and Madagascar-based nature guide for Tropical Birding. As a boy, Ken discovered Flickers in the Pennsylvania woods, and has been chasing birds ever since. In his teens, he was the ABA/Leica Read More