A Great Day for Owls!


As we’ve inched our way towards mid-March, nearing the end of a massive irruption year for Snowy Owls, I was getting nervous about not having captured a good photo to mark this historic year. Tonight my luck changed!

I’m SUPER grateful to local birder Kimberly Sucy who has been regularly posting details of her sightings …and for informing me that there was an owl or two located within a few miles of my home in Lima, New York. Not only did my son Max and I get great long views of this Snowy Owl through my scope (at 60x magnification), on our way out we had a chance sighting of a Short-eared Owl in broad daylight, and captured a few photos it, as well. I’m also grateful to the homeowner who let us in her backyard for a better view of this amazing owl (thank you, Elaine)! And glad that we could offer a look through our scope to the two bikers who peddled by unawares, but wound up seeing the species they’d been hoping to see all winter. Birding is FUN!

By the way, my set up is a PhoneSkope 5S adaptor on a Swarovski ATX 85 mm. I’m loving this set up, as I only have a 300 mm lens, which doesn’t cut the mustard for bird photography.

I have videos posted on YouTube, as well (Short-eared and Snowy). Enjoy!


Snowy Owl (iphonescoped) © Laura Kammermeier

Snowy Owl on post (iphoneskoped with Swarovski ATX 85 mm at 60x) © Laura Kammermeier

Snowy Owl Phonescloped

Snowy Owl on post (iphoneskoped with Swarovski ATX 85 mm at 60x) © Laura Kammermeier

Snowy Owl (iphonescoped) © Laura Kammermeier - 16

Snowy Owl (iphonescoped) © Laura Kammermeier - 19


Short-eared Owl (iphonescoped) © Laura Kammermeier

Short-eared Owl (iphoneskoped with Swarovski ATX 85 mm at 40x) © Laura Kammermeier





Laura Kammermeier

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