Just Got Back! Extremadura, Spain

Just spent an INCREDIBLE two weeks in Spain, most of which spent exploring the natural nooks and crannies of Extremadura. My trip coincided with the Extremadura Birdwatching Fair, centered in the iconic Monfragüe National Park. We, a rag-tag bunch of 24 birdwatchers (plus a few new recruits), were in the capable guiding hands of Dr. Martin Kelsey, a British birdwatcher who made Extremadura  home a decade ago. We covered a large chunk of the region, watching birds and tasting wine along the way. I dare say after two weeks and five new pounds, I’m glad to be home, but I am wildly in love with Spain and its birds.

I am overflowing with birds, stories, information, and new friendships. Lots to show and write. Will get to it in the coming weeks.

For now, thanks to Extremadura Tourism for their wonderful hospitality.


Left to right: Carolyn Worthington (Healthy Aging magazine), Dr. Martin Kelsey (BirdingExtremadura.com), Susan Sheehan (Celtic Tours), and Frank Mantlik (Sunrise Tours).

Laura Kammermeier

Laura Kammermeier is the creator and managing editor of Nature Travel Network. She is a writer, website producer, traveler, birder and a birding/nature travel consultant. Laura has traveled Uganda, Europe, Ecuador, Belize, Honduras, Israel, and throughout the United States Read More

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