ABA Birdfinding Guide: A Birder’s Guide to Alaska

COVER: ABA Birdfinding Guide: A Birder's Guide to Alaska
A Birder’s Guide to Alaska gives you the detailed information you need to find the Great Land’s great birds. Over 60 locations are covered in this updated edition, including the state’s entire road system, the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek, BC through the Yukon to Alaska, the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system, and the Alaska Marine Highway from British Columbia to Alaska. Special attention is given to providing birding information for the larger communities-Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau-in addition to Alaska’s popular tourist destinations: Denali National Park, the Inside Passage, the Kenai Peninsula, and Nome. The status of more than 500 species of birds in Alaska-and dozens of field-identifiable subspecies-is treated in the Annotated List. This updated guide features more than 120 maps, which accompany the 56 chapters.Over fifty authors, all expert Alaska birders, contributed to the guide. The status of more than 500 species – and dozens of field-identifiable subspecies – is treated in the Annotated List. Regional distribution and your probability of seeing species are covered in a Checklists chart. George C. West, a longtime Alaska resident of Fairbanks and Homer, has done a superb job in bringing together birdfinding information to help visitors and residents alike. Second Edition.

ABA Lane Birdfinding Guides Series.

ISBN: 9781878788481

Publisher: American Birding Association

Year of Publication: 2008

Page Count: 662

Shipping Weight: 3.00


Author: George C. West

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: American Birding Association

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