Birds of Borneo

Birds of Borneo

A comprehensive field guide with close to 1,600 color illustrations of over 620 species. Includes recently split species and distinctive Bornean races. Distribution maps. This is the first comprehensive field guide to illustrate and describe the varied bird species of Borneo, an ecologically significant island comprising Brunei, the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, and the Indonesian provinces of Kalimantan. With close to 1,600 beautiful color illustrations and 630 color distribution maps, this up-to-date guide identifies and details more than 620 bird species by key characteristics and habitat information. It also includes all recently split species, and provides full coverage of the Bornean endemics and distinctive races when they differ from their counterparts on neighboring islands or in mainland Southeast Asia.

Birds of Borneo is the essential resource for all birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts interested in this remarkable and unique region. A convenient single-volume guide to the bird species of Borneo; Up-to-date information on key characteristics and habitats; Close to 1,600 color illustrations of more than 620 bird species; 630 color distribution maps; Includes recently split species and distinctive Bornean races. Susan Myers is an experienced birder and naturalist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has led tours throughout Asia for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours for more than fifteen years.


Author: Susan Myers

Copyright: 2009

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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