Birds of the West Indies (Princeton Field Guides)

Fully illustrated, easy to use, and completely up-to-date, Birds of the West Indies is the only field guide that covers all of the bird species known to occur in the region–including migrants and infrequently occurring forms. Each species is represented by a full description that includes identification field marks, status and range, habitat, and voice. A map showing the bird’s distribution accompanies many species accounts, and plumages of all species are depicted in ninety-three beautifully rendered color plates.

Bird lovers, vacationing tourists, local residents, and armchair travelers will all want to own this definitive field guide to the birds of the West Indies.

Includes: all species recorded in the region; Features ninety-three color plates with concise text on facing pages for quick reference and easy identification; Species accounts cover identification, voice, status and habitat, and range; Color distribution maps.

Winner of WorldTwitch 2003 Best Bird Book – West Indies

Coverage: The West Indies are taken to include all islands of the Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Lesser Antilles, San Andres and Providencia. Omitted are Trinidad & Tobago and other islands off the north coast of South America.


Author: Herbert Raffaele (Author), James Wiley (Author), Orlando H. Garrido (Author), Allan Keith (Author), Janis I. Raffaele (Author), Tracy Pedersen (Illustrator), Kristin Williams (Illustrator)

Copyright: 2003

Publisher: Princeton Field Guides

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