Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland

COVER: Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland
Stunningly illustrated and simple to use, this brand-new, fully updated edition of the practical and informative guide is a must for any birdwatcher’s pocket. Whether observing what is feeding, nesting, or bathing in your garden or further afield, or trying to identify a bird on the wing, this book is perfect for use at home, out in the car, or in the field.Arranged in taxonomic species order, it is ideal for both the beginner and the more experienced birdwatcher. The comprehensive and informative jargon-free text is written by birdwatching expert Mark Golley. This book is packed with identification tips, details of habitat, and calls for over 280 bird species, and includes all those seen regularly in Britain and Ireland, as well as some of the less common migrants. It is illustrated throughout with more than one thousand spectacular, full-color illustrations by leading bird artist David Daly.

ISBN: 9781472917461

Publisher: Bloomsbury Natural History

Year of Publication: 2016

Page Count: 208

Shipping Weight: 1.75


Author: by Golley, Mark

Copyright: 2016

Publisher: Bloomsbury Natural History

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