Guide to the Birds of Honduras

COVER: Guide to the Birds of Honduras
The first dedicated field guide to Honduras, featuring 1,000 illustrations on 73 color plates. The book also illustrates the majority of the migratory species. Along with the standard species accounts the book has a lengthy chapter ‘Where to Find Birds in Honduras’. There are numerous Tables toward the end of the book, one of which has an extensive list of botanical names for nectar sources that hummingbirds utilize and each species of hummingbird observed for each flower. A unique feature is a large pull-out map approx. 16 x 25 in. One side illustrates a basic layout of ecosystems. The other side is labeled ‘Important Bird Sites in Honduras which features over 200 points of interest throughout the country. These GPS-coded marker numbers are embedded in the text throughout most of the book and are all laid out in a separate Table. This layout means that all the numbers can be easily cross-referenced.This book covers over 98% of the birds of the surrounding countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and Nicaragua; all countries where no book exists.

Robert Gallardo is a professional bird guide in Honduras and has led tours for 15 years. The book is illustrated by John Sill, Michael DiGiorgio, and Ian Griffiths.

ISBN: 9789992649961

Publisher: published by the author

Year of Publication: 2015

Page Count: 555

Shipping Weight: 2.90


Author: Robert Gallardo

Copyright: 2015

Publisher: Robert Gallardo (Self Published)

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