Snowy Owl at Braddock Bay, New York

When Snowy Owls start showing up in the northern U.S. in droves, you know it’s an irruption year.

Across the country, Snowy Owls are showing up in the darndest (as well as the usual) places. Sightings in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Adirondack mountains are blowing people’s minds. Major Great Lakes cities such as Cleveland and Rochester are bragging about 6-8 owls, and for once in my life, my friends who live in the neotropical jungles are jealous of what I’m seeing in my “backyard.”

Yesterday, one of my friends posted an image of three Snowy Owls sitting on single dock ear one the the countries prime hawk-watching locations, Braddock Bay, New York (Bayview Drive, for those familiar with the area).  Today I ventured out to the same location and saw “only” two Snowy Owls. Only? When have I ever used the word ONLY with this species? Even one of these birds is anything but only!

Snowy Owl irruption 2013

Snowy Owl observed at Braddock Bay, New York, December 6, 2013. Digiscoped using Swarovski 85 mm ATX plus iPhoneskope adapter.

A crowd of ten birders spontaneously gathered to watch the Snowies this morning, and the birds watched us back. This one was quite active, scanning the horizon from left to right, preening its chest feathers, and  striking various poses such as side, back, left, right and this nice full frontal.

The  video above shows this owl in action. You may want to turn off the sound and pardon the shaking! There were several other feet moving about on the dock.

Have a great weekend. May it involve Snowy Owls or something equally awesome.

Laura Kammermeier

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