Study Guide: Pied Wheatear

Pied Wheatear, male

Pied Wheatear – Oenanthe pleschanka Similar to Black-eared Wheatear but the black facial area connects to the black wings and the back is entirely black. Pied Wheatears have a rather distinct tail pattern with an uneven black terminal band that extends farther up the outer part of the tail than the center. Sometimes the Pied is… Read more

Study Guide: Red-rumped Wheatear

Red-rumped Wheatear is an extremely rare migrant and summer visitor that has bred in Israel only on a few occasions.

Study Guide: Isabelline Wheatear

Isabelline Wheatear. © Jonathan Meyrav

Isabelline Wheatear is the most common Wheatear in Israel, incredible numbers can be seen on migration and it is also a fairly common breeder in suitable habitats all over Israel, the Negev, Judea and Samaria hills, the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon.

Study Guide: White-crowned Black Wheatear

White-crowned Black Wheatear – Oenanthe leucopyga

A large and impressive Wheatear with a distinct black-and-white plumage. White-crowned is the only Wheatear in Israel with black underparts and adult birds are unmistakable with their strongly contrasting snow-white cap.

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