GALLERY: Ethiopia’s Best 20 Birds

Ethiopia is centered on the largest mountain massif in Africa. It is cleft through the center by the Great Rift Valley, and slopes down to vast arid savannah and desert on all sides. Not surprisingly, this epic geography supports lots of interesting birds. There are dozens of endemics, mainly in the mountains, plus a very different set of species in the dry lowlands. The Great Rift Valley holds lakes ringed with lush woodland, and offers some of the best overall birding on the whole continent. Ethiopia has some wonderful mammals too like the Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada, and the Mountain Nyala.

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Ken Behrens

Ken is a photographer and Madagascar-based nature guide for Tropical Birding. As a boy, Ken discovered Flickers in the Pennsylvania woods, and has been chasing birds ever since. In his teens, he was the ABA/Leica Read More


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