Welcome to The Nature Travel Network

Nature Travel Network (NTN) is a compendium of global nature travel resources, created to inspire and inform global nature travel and to link travelers with great birds and nature hotspots, great ecolodges, and qualified tour operators.

Check out our field guide to destinations! Everything you need to know about nature travel in the most popular countries.


NTN brings destination overviews, birding stories, travel tips and advice, and place-based wildlife photography and videos all in one place, thus serving as a destination portal to all things birding.

Our contributors, which include tour guides, avid travelers, photographers, and young, nomadic birders drifting to their next great birding adventure, live and travel all over the world and bring to us their knowledge and expertise on every destination.

Our naturalist-friendly destination pages tell you when to go, where to stay, what you’ll see, and more. We also assemble a handpicked list of resources (field guides, birding checklists, and suggested itineraries) that will deepen your understanding of a location’s natural history. We also provide online directories where you can search for tour companies and lodging in locations of your choice.

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