American Dipper at Zion National Park

Today’s video clip comes from Steve Creek, a wildlife photographer based in Arkansas. It shows the feisty activity of an American Dipper, which is in fact, the only aquatic songbird in North America. It is a stocky gray bird that forages in swiftly flowing streams for aquatic insects and their larvae, as well as dragonflies, worms, small fish, fish eggs, and flying insects. Dipper are adapted for cold, rushing, unpolluted water; they can dip into the water up to 60 times per minute.

I was on the trail leading to the Narrows in Zion National Park when I spotted this American Dipper on the Virgin River. This was my first time seeing this bird. I have heard about them and have seen photos but seeing one in action was amazing. I took a couple of quick photos but they just didn’t show how this bird does in the water. I switched to video mode on the Canon SX50 HS and captured the above video. I was hand holding the camera at full zoom. I was cold and shaking but I think you can see how this bird feeds in the river. The American Dipper was on a log that was laying in the water. – Steve

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