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Wow! How field guides have changed. Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland gives comprehensive photographic coverage of every bird recorded in Britain and Ireland to date. Here’s Keith’s take on this photographic field guide.

Birding the World: How to Plan Your Trips

Keith Betton in Ecuador courtesy of Gary Rosenberg

With over 10,000 bird species around the world grouped into about 230 families, there are plenty of birds to see – and over 200 countries to choose from. So how do you plan to see them? I think everybody has a different approach, so there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. Importantly you need… Read more

Book Review: Robins and Chats by Clement and Rose

Robins and Chats, by Peter Clement and Chris Rose 2015 Published by Christopher Helm Buy now This is the latest in the long-running series of Helm Identification Guides – and like the others it is an impressive and weighty tome. A previous Helm volume by Peter Clement on the Thrushes appeared in 2000. At that time… Read more

Birds of the Serengeti cover photo Secretary Bird

This attractive guide uses uncomplicated text to explain what birds of the Serengeti you are most likely to see. It is not designed to be totally comprehensive.

Wish List: A Year of Birding Travel by Keith Betton

Steller’s Sea Eagles on sea ice near Rausu, Hokkaido (© GruenesMonster72:WIKIPEDIA Commons)

What is you were given a free holiday every month for a year! Where would you go and what would you see? Here is the first in a series of My Travel Wish List: A Year of Birds & Nature.

Chile’s Top Five Most Wanted Birds

Diademed Sandpiper-Plover (Phegornis mitchellii) is a species of bird in the Charadriidae family found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. It is found in subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland and swamps. © Fabrice Schmitt

Keith Betton recently traveled to Chile for a few weeks and wrote about his birding adventures. What were his favorite birds from that trip? Read below to find out.

Birding Chile: Birders At Large in the Atacama

Chilean Woodstar - photo by Keith Betton

Keith Betton and friends travel around Arica, between the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean, in search of the endangered Chilean Hillstar and other star birds. A vagrant Curlew Sandpiper (second on record for Chile) also makes appearances.

Birding Chile: Southward for Tapaculos

Austral Negrito by Fabrice Schmitt

Keith Betton and friends travel through scenic Chile in search of the wild and wary Tapaculos.

El Yeso Valley is visually stunning and popular with visiting birders. The valley is part of the Andean uplands and requires a full day of exploration to be fully appreciated.

Santiago is a pleasant base for several days of diverse birding and the chance to see several of Chile’s endemic birds.

Book Review: The Crossley ID Guide: Britain & Ireland

Writer and UK birder Keith Betton reviews the latest addition to the Crossley family of field guides: The Birds of Britain and Ireland.

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