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Clothing Review: Páramo Halcon Waistcoat

In recent travels I have been eyeing the labels on the clothing of my traveling companions. Páramo has caught my eye several times.  Guest poster Barrie Cooper from the UK reviews the Páramo waistcoat, below, and Páramo jacket.

Birding India: The Express Route

Arrowhead the Bengal Tiger ©Yoav Perlman

Assuming an understanding of the incredible wildlife in India, I want to discuss some of my darker thoughts about travelling in this complex country.

WIN an amazing, 7-day trip for two to Peru

Rufous-crested Coquette at Waqanki Lodge, northern Peru © Stephen ShunkRufous-crested Coquette at Waqanki Lodge, northern Peru © Stephen Shunk

With more than 1,700 species, Peru is a birdwatching paradise. And here’s your chance to win a seven-day, birdwatching adventure for two there. You’ll start in the Amazon rainforest, home to colorful macaws. Then you’ll ascend into the Andes to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu, where you’ll look for the massive Andean Condor. Your trip… Read more

Africa on a Budget

Three Rondawels. Blyde Canyon Overlook, South Africa @Steve Ingraham

I was astounded to find a company in South Africa offering inexpensive safaris to Greater Kruger National Park.

Chasing Endemic Birds and Wildlife in Northern Patagonia

A male of the endangered Yellow Cardinal near Las Grutas ©Stephan Lorenz

The Valdes Peninsula in the Chubut Province of Argentina is one of the country’s main ecotourism attractions due to the concentration of marine mammals found there. For visiting birders though, there are several hotspots to the south and north of the famous peninsula.

St. Paul Island, Alaska: Shorebird Capital of the World?

Rock Sandpiper ©Stephan Lorenz

In terms of sheer diversity, the shorebirds take the crown on St. Paul with an incredible 64 species recorded on the island within the past three decades. Only four shorebirds nest, whereas the remaining 60 species are either regular spring or fall migrants, rare visitors, or exceptional rarities with only one or two occurrences.

Birding and Traveling: The Best of Colombia

Green-bearded Helmetcrest at Cocuy National Park Colom

Guest post by Kathi Borgmann Colombia is an amazing country. With over 1,900 species recorded, more than any country in the Americas, Colombia is an absolute birding must. And before you say that Colombia is too dangerous to travel in, think again. Colombia is changing fast and is now a top tourist destination. I spent 6… Read more

Birding Antisana, Ecuador

Antisana Volcano ©Kathi Borgmann

Guest post by Kathi Borgmann The Antisana Ecological Reserve can easily be reached via a day trip from Quito. Given the frequent afternoon weather, it is best to arrive early in the morning to improve your chances of having an unobstructed view of the massive peak of Antisana. Antisana rises to a height of 18,891… Read more

10 Things You Should Know About Traveling to Cuba

Cuban Tody ©Laura Kammermeier

Guest post by Jean Warneke of JB Journeys. Travel to Cuba is in the news every day, just recently with the announcement of US airlines being approved to begin scheduled service from US cities to Cuba “sometime later this year.” Until then, you can get there on chartered flights. And while much more open than just… Read more

10 Good Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

Top 10 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal Image

Christine Elder’s top ten reasons for keeping a travel journal.

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Hiking Sandal

I can’t remember ever before screaming in agony. The jovial Mexican military doctor was anxious to reduce my dislocated ankle, and he did not want to wait for the anesthetic. Finally, after alarming the entire hospital with the intensity of my protests, I got my drugs. As I became more lucid, I started worrying not… Read more

Discovering Riviera Nayarit Naturally

La Tovara: Waterwayjpg

Click to open the image gallery. All images by Flo Nestor. Local guide Jose Inocencio Banuelos (aka Chencho) skippered the motorized small boat (panga) into La Tovara National Park, up the Rio San Cristobal and on some of its 60-mile waterway system through mangrove swamps teeming with flora and fauna. “Riviera Nayarit is one best… Read more

Why Chile is Emerging as a Pelagic Seabirding Hotspot

Chatham Albatross 300 © Alvaro Jaramillo copy

written by Alvaro Jaramillo of Alvaro’s Adventures. Naturalists describe some wild places as legendary: the Serengeti, Antarctica, and Alaska, for example. For the seabirder, “legendary” is reserved for places where cold, nutrient-rich waters well up to the surface, catching the sunlight to stimulate plankton abundance. These turbulent upwellings are teeming with life and unmatched in… Read more

ALASKA Birding Tour: Spring Migration in Gambell (High Lonesome)

High Lonesome BirdTours. Gambell is a small, timeless Eskimo village on St. Lawrence Island, in the Bering Sea just off the Siberian coast. High Arctic and Asian vagrants are the draw at Gambell. Most of the Asian species recorded in North America have been seen in Gambell and its environs. This tour allows participants to spend much of their time within a couple of miles of the Yupik village, very near a seabird “super-highway.” You won’t want to miss this tour, which includes an Alaskan bird expert and personal chef!

Book Review: The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide

Toucans from Birds of Costa Rica

Book Review: The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Second Edition), by Richard Garrigues and Robert Dean.

The Potential for Avitourism and Birding in Norway (Biotope Report)

Catering to birders can be a tricky thing if you don´t understand the culture, with its own language”, ideals, morals, websites, businesses and so much more. This report aims to give the reader a better understanding of birding in general, and the potentials for avitourism in Norway, in particular, but with principles that apply worldwide.

ALASKA Birding Tour: There’s no place like NOME! (High Lonesome)

Sponsored by High Lonesome BirdTours Western Alaska is a birder’s paradise! Breeding birds, many of which have flown thousands of miles to get here, abound. High Lonesome offers numerous Alaska tours. The Gambell and Nome combination is particularly popular and can be combined with a number of other Alaska trips. St. Lawrence Island (see red flag… Read more

Target Birds of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Nightjar Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000Puerto Rican Nightjar Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000

Puerto Rico has 349 species of birds, approximately 120 of which are resident breeders. There are 18 endemic species, many accidentals, and 42 known introductions. Puerto Rican avifauna, as a group, has received more attention from the conservation community than other faunal groups. According to the IUCN Red Data List, 14 of the endemic bird… Read more

NEW: Leica Announces First Entry-Level Premium Binoculars

MEDIA RELEASE December 2, 2015: Leica Sport Optics is pleased to introduce its new entry-level premium Trinovid HD binoculars. Boasting an impressive price point, yet loaded with Leica‘s extraordinary time-proven features, the new Trinovid HD is ideal for the value-conscious birder or nature observer desiring access into the coveted world of Leica‘s exceptional optical performance… Read more

Meet the Guides: Diane DiGravio of Eco Outreach International

Diane and her partner started Eco Outreach International to provide visitors with the best ecological experience in remote, biologically diverse areas of Central and South America.

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