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Whooping Crane Festival (Port Aransas, TX)


The Whooping Crane Festival is a celebration of the return of the endangered Whooping Cranes to their winter home on the Texas Gulf Coast.  The festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the world’s rarest crane species and a plethora of wildlife including Peregrine Falcons, Roseate Spoonbills, Cinnamon Teal, and more. Festival events include Whooping Crane… Read more

Gujarat, India Global Bird Watchers’ Conference

Global Bird Watchers' Conference

The 3rd Global Bird Watchers’ Conference was held from January 29-31, 2013, and was an endeavour to showcase bird watching opportunities within and around Gujarat, India, and to send a message of conservation. The 4-day event includes field trips, plenary sessions, and cultural evenings and dinners. For future conference details, visit the conference website.   Editor’s… Read more

Israel: Eilat Birding Festival

Eilat Festival

Editor’s Note: I attended the 6th Annual Eilat Birding Festival in 2012. This was a mind-blowing exploration of the birds and scenery of Israel, shrouded in profound cultural history, and I was impressed with the professionalism of the Israel Ornithological Center guides. That 2012 season is considered to be the biggest migration season in recent years.  Organized… Read more

ABC Conservation Reserve Guide

Let’s be real: even if we are squeaky clean and oh-so environmentally-conscious, traveling to see birds and nature has environmental impacts. But if done right, the negative effects of travel can be moderated and responsible travel can provide real benefits to the habitats and communities it involves. The use of jet fuel to reach remote destinations is… Read more

Southwest Airlines Raising Fees


Expect to get gouged by yet another airline. As if the cost and inconveniences of air travel aren’t bad enough, one of the nation’s most beloved carriers, Southwest Airlines, announced in December a series of 2013 fee hikes that they say will increase revenue by $300 million per year. Among those new fees: Fee for… Read more

Conservation Hotspots in Latin America

ABC Conservation Reserve Guide

As explained on our Conservation Travel page, traveling for birds and nature is not without its share of conflicts. It’s a pity that the activities which bring us closer to nature may also contribute to its demise. There are ways to tread more lightly on the planet, however, and at least one organization has created… Read more

“Travel with children is not always a postcard” (Huff Po)


But it’s absolutely worth doing, through all the moans and groans. As this article on Huffington Post relates, the fruits of this labor are normally realized only decades later. “We were never more of a family than when we were away from home.” The Importance Of Family Travel by Lisa Belkin  … Read more


In yesterday’s My Biggest Dip: The Barbary Falcon, I only told you half the truth. Dipping on the falcon that day was a major disappointment (of my own doing) but our guide Itai Shanni managed to get us on breeding pair on Sunday, our last morning of desert birding. I ventured out with Itai, Martin… Read more

Israel: The Isrotel Yam Surf Hotel near the Red Sea

The Eilat Birding Festival was hosted at the Isrotel Yam Surf Hotel, just across the street from the Red Sea, which hosts a World Class diving center. On my eighth day of travel, I took a much needed day of rest and spent some time poolside on the “Bedouin tents” located on the deck. This moment… Read more

Nature Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival (Florida)


Make plans to celebrate the rush of migrating wings north along the Atlantic Flyway over inland Pasco, Citrus, and Hernando counties during the inaugural Nature Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. March 22-24, 2013

Southwest Wings Birding & Nature Festival (Arizona)


The 2013 Southwest Wings Birding and Nature Festival will be held at Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Arizona at the cool 4,500 foot of the Huachuca Mountains, minutes away from some of the most famous birding spots in the United States including the San Pedro River, Garden, Sawmill, Sheelite, Huachuca, Ramsey, Carr, Miller and Ash… Read more

Israel: My Biggest Dip, The Barbary Falcon


  My first nighttime field trip during the Eilat Birding Festival was titled the “Rambo Tour.” Yes, the RAMBO TOUR. Fists clenched, chin wag, and guttural groan. The idea behind the RAMBO TOUR (grrrr) is that a self-selected group of hard-core birders would spend most of the night driving deep into the desert to find the Nubian… Read more

Review of Yellowstone Valley Lodge (Livingston, Montana)

Yellowstone Valley Lodge is a collection of ten small, contemporary ranch cabins and a gourmet restaurant situated on an old ranching property in the aptly named Paradise Valley, Montana. We stayed here our first three nights of our grand Yellowstone/Tetons adventure…and are still looking back at it with fondness. A peaceful setting, great views, and… Read more

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