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Watching a feeding Vervain Hummingbird—ten feet away—is an especially warm welcome to this Caribbean island with the most endemic birds (29 extant species, 2 probably extinct).

MALHEUR LIVES: Nature’s Inevitable Renewal

Sunset at Malheur. By Steve Shunk

Post updated Feb 12, 2016 I visited Malheur recently with again friends. The Silvies flood plain was sleeping under a thick white blanket of snow, and the Rough-legged Hawks were out in force. The giant bluebird sky glowed brightly over Oregon’s Great Basin desert. The 10,000-foot high, 35-mile long Steens Mountain holds the magical key to the spring runoff… Read more

The “Situation” at Pico Bonito Lodge, Honduras

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird Pico Bonito Honduras by Steve Shunk

To borrow a phrase from James Adams, head naturalist of the Lodge at Pico Bonito in northern Honduras, here was my current “situation” in January 2016: I’m trying to get some work done in Sala Cotinga, which is sort of the back room at the Pico Bonito restaurant. It’s quiet and well ventilated in there, with plenty… Read more

Hannah Madden and Lisa Sorenson begin the long hike into the crater of The Quill. Statia, Lesser Antilles, by Steve Shunk.

Old wooden signs point the way. They may not be as old as they look, but here, on the windward side of the Caribbean, tropical storms take their tolls—on signs, buildings, cars, and anything else that sits out in the rain. These signs to the trailhead simply say “Quill” in elegant cursive scrolled with weathered black… Read more

The endemic Jamaican Tody, at the Goblin Hill Villas, Portland, Jamaica. Photo by Steve Shunk

You awake to the drumming of Jamaican Woodpeckers, performing in the snag outside your window. Gray Kingbirds and White-chinned Thrushes call from the woodland edges just a few meters away. You saunter to your deck and pause for several minutes with your arms on the railing, bathing in the tropical breeze, as you stare across… Read more

My Birthday in the Caribbean

Cappuccino on Saba

Two weeks ago, Steve landed in a “Caribbean snowstorm” at Princess Juliana International Airport on the Antillean island of St. Martin. This kicked off an island-hopping adventure in the northern Dutch Caribbean that culminated on his 49th birthday.

5 Reasons To Go Birding In Mexico

Mexico is a warm, wonderful place to visit and it is safer than you think. Find out why and what birds you can see there.

<em>I headed for Jamaica this summer to speak at the 20th International Meeting of BirdsCaribbean, the leading conservation group in the Caribbean region. The meeting was phenomenal, with representatives from over 30 islands networking and sharing their science, conservation, and education projects. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>#BirdsCarib2015</a></em> <a title=”Jamaica Kingston Red-billed Streamertail Steve Shunk” href=””><img class=”wp-image-6659 size-large”… Read more

Dispatch from Jamaica: A Day at Goblin Hill Villas

Black-billed Streamertail at Goblin Hill Villas; Jamaica. Steve Shunk

Associate Editor Steve Shunk spent a magnificent week at the BirdsCaribbean conference in July 2015. In this post, he reports on the birds and comforts of his stay.  What sound did your alarm clock make this morning? Mine was a Gray Kingbird. Multiple Gray Kingbirds, actually. And I couldn’t exactly reach over and hit the… Read more

Steve Shunk, our associate editor, is headed to the Caribbean in a few days. Birding may not be the first thing people think of when planning a trip to the Caribbean, but Steve thinks these tropical islands give many reasons to change that perception. Steve will be attending the 20th International Meeting of BirdsCaribbean, which is… Read more

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