Birding Alabama: Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge

Birding in Alabama will be most convenient along the extensive Alabama Birding Trails systemThe Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge, which is one stop on that trail, offers some of the best birding to be found in Alabama. The refuge is a patchwork of open fields, marshes, and impoundments bounded by Lake Eufaula to one side and mixed woodlots on the other. It is divided into three major units: Upland, Kennedy, and Bradley.  


Eastern Bluebird  (© lkamms)

One can find a wide variety of excellent species throughout the year, including White-eyed Vireos, Indigo Buntings, Orchard Orioles, and Summer Tanagers in warm months, White-throated Sparrows, juncos, Brown Creepers, and Golden-crowned Kinglets in colder months. Bluebirds, nuthatches, Red-tailed Hawks, and woodpeckers are permanent residents.  Indigo Buntings and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers are abundant from April to October.  Louisiana Waterthrushes breed here, as do Blue Grosbeaks.  This is also a good area for Painted Buntings.

Eufaula is THE place to find American Bitterns in Alabama (fall through spring).

A detailed birding guide to Eufaula can be found on the birding trail website.


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