Birding Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware

Bombay Hook is a key rest stop on the Delaware Bay for thousands of migrating shorebirds every spring and fall, as they fly north to their breeding grounds and return south again. At low tide, they feed by the thousands on the salt marsh mudflats and in freshwater impoundments. Common species include Semipalmated Sandpipers, Dunlin, dowitchers, yellowlegs, Semipalmated Plovers and American Avocets. Migrating and wintering waterfowl also flock to Bombay Hook Refuge each fall. Common species include Northern Pintail, American Black Ducks, Green-winged Teal, and Snow Geese. The refuge’s vast expanse of tidal salt marsh is home to many species of conservation concern, such as American Black Ducks, Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows, and Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrows.

Red Knot at Bombay Hook NWR /USFWS

Red Knot at Bombay Hook NWR /USFWS

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