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Oman can be considered an "emerging" destination for serious birders, especially those looking to put the newly discovered Omani Owl on their lists. Regulars find it a most hospitable country with modern conveniences. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is bordered by Yemen to its west and the Indian Ocean on the east. It's interior is characterized by red sands in its vast internal "Empty Quarter," the Dhofar Mountains, and the humid coastal plains of Salalah. Birders can find millions of migrating shorebirds staging at Barr al Hikman, a bit further along the southern coast.

Oman is the place to search for Grey Hypocolius, which is the sole member of its family, as well as pick up some of the most stellar species of Arabia.

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    Cape Hyrax, Desert Hedgehog, Egyptian Fruit Bat, Sand Cat, Arabian Leopard, Nubian Ibex, Gazelles (Mountain, Goitered), Wild Goat, Pygmy Gerbil

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