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This island, set within the Indian Ocean off southern India, offers not only a heady selection of more than 30 species of birds found nowhere else, but also the highest density of leopards in the World at Yala National Park; a myriad colorful butterflies to compliment any nature tour, along with a discrete set of endemic reptiles (including one that sports an incredible, rhino-like horn!). Sri Lanka truly does offer both the birder and nature lover an ideal travel experience with comfortable lodgings, delicious local curries, and an absorbing Buddhist culture that is markedly different from neighboring India, which provides a fascinating background to any natural history tour of the island. Lest we forget, this is also the island formerly known as “Ceylon,” famed worldwide as the origin of some of the finest teas in the world. Both serious and casual birders can both go on a nature tour there alongside other naturalists, without compromising their goals. Endemic birds and other animals go side-by-side in Sri Lanka, making seeing almost, if not all, possible in one trip. Sri Lanka is also remarkably affordable, offering some of the most modestly priced, quality tours in the region, often considerably lower than many other Asian countries. Contributor: Sam Woods/Tropical Birding.

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