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Majestic Jaguars roam tropical rain forests. Crested Eagles soar amidst cloud forested peaks. Immense, forested mountains rise from sea-level to 8,000 feet. Expansive mangroves teem with Agami Herons, howler monkeys and manatees.

Long awaiting discovery by the world’s tropical birdwatchers, this Central American country of little more than 43,000 square miles today enjoys a steadily increasing avi-tourism presence thanks to birding tour companies, bird watching individuals and groups, and conservation institutions from the USA, UK, Canada and elsewhere. Honduras boasts more than 8,500 square miles of protected areas and national parks (more than twice that of Costa Rica), and the hope is that through avi-tourism, this number can be sustained, or even grow in the future.

Bird species in Honduras range from the electric blue Lovely Cotinga, to the glorious Scarlet Macaw to the diminutive Black-crested Coquette. Thirty seven (37) raptor species, 40+ hummingbird species,  8 trogon species, 7 motmot species and more, are just some of what has birders discovering Honduras, and Honduras’ birds, in ever increasing numbers. And with Honduras such a newly discovered birding paradise, new species are never out of the question. More and more is known about Honduras’ birds each year, thanks in no small part to Honduras growing popularity. Contributor: James Adams/The Lodge at Pico Bonito.

What to See in Honduras

Notable Birds in Honduras (click species name to see related articles)

    Notable Mammals and Other Wildlife

    • Howler Monkey
    • Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth
    • Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth
    • Silky Anteater
    • Giant Anteater
    • Northern Tamandua
    • White-headed Capuchin
    • Mantled Howler
    • Geoffroy's Spider Monkey
    • Ocelot
    • Margay
    • Cougar
    • Jaguarundi
    • Jaguar
    • Cacomistle
    • White-nosed Coati
    • Kinkajou
    • Baird's Tapir
    • Collared Peccary
    • White-lipped Peccary
    • Red Brocket

    Other Attractions

    • Copán Ruinas Archeological Park
    • Los Naranjos Eco-Archeological Park
    • Capiro Reef
    • Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
    • Rio Santiago Nature Resort
    • Cayos Cochinos

    Where and When to Go

    Nature & Birding Hotspots in Honduras

    • Copán Ruinas
    • Pico Bonito
    • Santa Barbara - cloud forest near Lake Yojoa
    • La Tigra National Park - cloud forest near Tegucigalpa
    • Opatoro
    • Olanchito
    • Panacam Lodge - Cerro Azul Meambar National Park
    • La Muralla National Park
    • Lake Yajoa
    • La Moskitia

    Honduras Birding and Nature Tours

    Honduras Ecolodges/Accommodations

    Best Time to Go

    • December through February is the peak birding season but birding is good throughout the year.

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